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The Overpowering R&D Organization

Sometimes, we have more power than we realize, and we abuse it.

Learning in the Open

What can a group of strangers who speak different languages teach us about collaboratively accelerating learning?

Organizational Smells

How can you quickly spot issues in your organization? Organizational smells are like coding smells for executives.

Senior Engineers

Seniority's not merely about technical proficiency.

Drawing the Line

Sometimes, you have to draw a line. Other times, you should move on. Which is which?

Self Fulfilling Prophecies

Sometimes, merely preparing for the worst is actually setting your team up for it.

Level of Coaching

Are you practicing coaching at the right levels of your organization?

Against Executive Quarantine

Are you too going into executive lockdown? Stop it!

Hackathons are a Hack

Are you content with your once a quarter hackathon that you post on social media? You shouldn't be.

Committing to Committing

You may have promised something, but did you promise to follow-through?

The Goldilocks Gravity

Are you too gravitating towards a Goldilocks kind of thinking?

Personal Definition of Done

What will you achieve?

Business to Engineering Connection

Why would your engineers care about the business impact if it's never relayed to them?

Speaking Up

With great responsibility should come great power. Use it.

The Ultimate Tech Executive

I often am asked about what defines the best tech executives I work with.

Zooming on Impact

Are you engineers just spending their time in another Zoom, or are they providing impact?


Motivation is the basis for successful force-multipliers.

Managers vs. Executives

Managers and executives, what's the difference really?

Company Generations

Each generation stands on the shoulders of the generation that came before it.

Cultivating Culture

A robust culture is one of the tenets for creating a world-class engineering team.

Comfort Zones

Comfort zones. They're comfy—but you shouldn't allow yourself or your team to get too comfy.

Floating Leaders

This week we’re talking about setting a direction for yourself and your team, along with a short self-assessment from my coaching toolkit.

Picking Fights

You can't create the perfect company, but you cannot give simply give up as well.


“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” ― Douglas Adams.

Firmness of Opinions

How well done should your opinions be?


Stop being reactive and take control of your day.

Tech Advice

Where do you get your tech advice from?

Hiring First Time Positions

How should you go about that first time you're hiring for a new kind of position that you have no idea about?

Creating Strategic Alignment

Gaining strategic alignment throughout your team will allow you to leap forward.

Getting Rid of Heroes

How to get the heroes you deserve?