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Action Items to Items Actioned

Action items are a dime a dozen. How about actually doing the action?

Leadership Agenda

For effective meetings, you should go in with an agenda. For an effective leadership role, you should have an agenda, too!

Customer Success Success

Customer Success success. That's not a glitch in the matrix—that's what you should be telling your R&D team.

Aligning Motives

When there's an issue with an unhappy employee, many leaders succumb to external motivation tricks. A pay raise, titles, that sort of stuff. Too bad it simply doesn't work.

Tech Theft

When we cross the line from managing debt to stealing time from the company!

Mid Year Review

2022 is 50% over. Are you on track to make this an amazing year?

Ask Or You Shan't Receive

At least until we get neural links in all conference rooms, you can't expect to get things if you don't ask for them.

Mistaking Chaos for Autonomy

Do you really have autonomy, or are you, in fact, just playing by yourself at the little kids' table?


Let's talk about what's happening around us.

Mea Culpa

Everyone makes mistakes. I made at least five so far today. What are you doing about it?

Do Repeat Yourself

Coding lore says we shouldn't repeat ourselves. Sometimes we should. Sometimes we should!

Seeking Assurances

If you're trying to ensure that everything is bolted down before starting your journey, you'll eventually realize you never really get going.


You are likely optimizing your team's time incorrectly.

Foot Out the Door

Are you acting with a foot out the door?

Ownership Cultivation

For changes to stick, your people really have to own them.

Clearing Vision

Hey, it's just a startup, right? You're not supposed to have a vision a year into the future! Or should you?

Seeing Red

Someone made a mistake, and you're all wound up. Whatcha gonna do?

Seeing in Color

As I work more with CEOs and CPOs, I see that we tend to view our counterparts in black and white. How about some color?

Grown Up Conversations

Let's talk about things like adults.

Personal Growth Attention

Your team's doing good, but how about you?

Breaking Momentum

Sometimes, going with the momentum is bad, especially for you, personally.

Fear of Accountability

You're not afraid of your own accountability, but are you holding your team accountable?

Bursting Bubbles

*Pop* It's time that you go outside of your little cocoon and see what is going on around you.

Choosing Yourself First

It is counterintuitive for many leaders to realize that they have to prioritize themselves for the rest of the team to be effective.

Universe Elasticity

As you gain more altitude in your role, you should use the better vision that comes with it.

Bright Spots

If you're feeling like all the wind has been knocked out of you as you're approaching another challenge, consider finding the bright spots first.

Growing Up

Sometimes we've got to grow up.

Staffing Your Team

Hiring people is probably taking up a significant portion of your and your managers' time. Are you doing it correctly?

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