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Budgeting Tricks for Headcount Planning

Being responsible with your budget doesn't mean that you cannot use the same creativity you'd use when tackling any other problem.

Spotting Delegation Opportunities

Your leverage relies on your ability to ensure you're not getting sucked into day-to-day minutiae.

Thinking in Results

Why do you even bother with a big rewrite? Is there a customer that will pay you more for having happier engineers?

Tunnel Vision

Sometimes doubling down on the way you thought things should work is just throwing good money after bad.

Naming Things

Phil Karlton said, "There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things." In this episode, I'm not going to be talking about cache invalidation, but about the art of naming parts of your organization correctly.

Do You Have to Be a Manager?

Does being an executive necessarily mean that you have to manage a sizable organization in your company?

Value Boxing

Too often, we're treating work planning the wrong way around.

The Tech-Product Continuum

Every engineer can tend this way or that.

The Vacation Test

Summer's here. Let's use it to flesh out some patches and hacks in your organization.

Impact Per Engineer

I say at the beginning of episodes that I'm helping you triple impact-per-engineer. What does it mean, actually?

Organization Homogeny

Sprucing up your innovation quotient and lubricating your serendipity by introducing some entropy.

Management Guilds

Here's an impactful tactic with an incredible ROI to make your management team better.

Making It Personal

Let's talk about your personal role in what is going on around you.

100 Lessons from 100 Episodes

Celebrating the 100th episode with 100 lessons picked from the previous episodes.

Over Prep

Join me to hear the story about the VP that knew it all, except for how to use his knowledge.

Exponential Backoff

Wondering what an algorithm I read about as a teenager has to do with your day-to-day as an executive?

Innovation Starvation

Are you making your team's creativity muscles slow atrophy?

Experience Pressure Cooker

Let's take someone with no experience and put them in charge of mission-critical systems. Did I just make you cringe?

Management Menagerie

Do you have a team of managers focusing on success, or do you have a zoo exhibiting all different types of management possible?

Family Ties

Is your organization just one big happy family? You know it isn't.

Edge-Case Thinking

Are you playing find the loophole whenever you are presented with a new idea?


Life's too short for average.

Product Engineers

Principal and staff engineers are so 2020, are you cultivating product engineers?


Are you idly waiting for little issues to become emergencies, or are you striking preemptively where needed?

Theory of Relativity

Let's make a bias we're all suffering from more explicit.

Customer Friction

What lessons can you learn from the onboarding Best Buy's CEO arranged for himself?


Time is a crucial part of making fine wine. But also in running your organization.

The Tech Executive Operating System

A special celebratory episode: The Tech Executive Operating System is coming out this week!

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