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Suffering Imperfections

Embrace imperfection and watch your team flourish! What my bad Italian skills taught me in Rome about how we treat imperfections. In this episode, we explore how allow...

Fixing Printers

Don't get stuck being the office 'printer fixer'! Let's dive into the crucial role of a tech executive and how to break free from tech minutiae to truly make an impact...

Gelato Timing

Timing is everything in life, and even the same identical thing at the wrong time can have a vastly different value. This week, we're talking about lessons from gettin...

Impact Orientation

Wrapping up this brief series for assessing R&D teams, this week's episode is about finding ways to tell how impactful your organization is and why that's so important...

Management Strength

Next on this brief series for assessing R&D teams, this week's episode is about your managers and how well they are at… managing! I share a few metrics to help you ass...

Talent Growth

Continuing our brief series for assessing R&D teams, this week's episode is about taking stock of how well your organization's talent is doing. After all, tripling imp...

Moving Past Delivery

On your journey to get your organization from average or good to remarkable, you need to be able to assess how well you're doing. That will allow you to spot opportuni...

Swimming Against the Tide

While going too hard on not-invented-here syndrome can waste a lot of time, being contrarian can be a great way to innovate and gain a better position in the market. I...

Time Capsule

Don't let this tech slowdown go to waste! In this episode you'll discover how to leverage the current "time capsule" to take your team to the next level. You've got an...

Slow and Steady

When cultivating culture, the most straightforward solutions are often the best ones. Unfortunately, they're not as shiny. To create an organization that's ahead of th...

Communicating Expectations

No matter if you're planning a trip with friends, trying to get a key hire, managing up, or going through a reorg, being able to communicate expectations clearly is an...

Geeks in the Boardroom

After hearing a very bad take about the sort of tech leadership one should have in a startup, I'm covering why this is remarkably bad, even for LinkedIn, and how you m...

In Sync

How much the executive team manages to act as one team and convey the same messages to the company has a crucial role in your impact capacity. Are you giving off mixed...

Bad Metrics

What does get measured doesn't get improved, but sometimes measuring can make things worse.

Manifesting Values

Visiting several Apple Stores in different countries recently has really shown how companies' values can manifest in the real world, or be completely ignored.

Meeting Checksums

I bet you're spending too much time in meetings. At least use this tool to ensure they mean something.

Leaky Sprints

Sometimes, what your team has to show at the end of an iteration looks like you've ordered it from Wish.com.

Growth Cycles

How much have your best employees improved in the last year?

The Odd Year

2023 is here. It's going to be very different compared to previous years. Are you realigning your expectations and course of action?

Gaslighting Mask

Are you being gaslighted at work? An astounding number of leaders go through second-hand passive gaslighting—they're doing it to themselves!

Making Unknowns Known

You can be your leadership team's small yet mighty James Webb telescope. Help them see what's around them and map out the unknown.


Drive is at the core of a meaningful career. How's yours doing?


When a caterpillar forms a cocoon, a lovely butterfly emerges. When leaders do that, usually unaware, things aren't as pretty… 🦋🐛


Take it or leave it? Nope, life's more analog than that.

Your Two Cents

What you think actually matters. Probably even more than you think.

Too Cozy

Where has a decade of advancements gotten you?

Debugging Turnover

How can you tell if you're suffering from high turnover and how do you address it?

Impact Drift

When a team seems to be busy doing things that don't make sense, you cannot just blame that team.

Dog And Pony Shows

Companies operating as if it's the Wild West are bad, and so are those with big, cumbersome processes. But you know what's worse?

Leap of Faith

Sometimes, you have to stand outside of arm's reach.

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