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Choosing Yourself First

It is counterintuitive for many leaders to realize that they have to prioritize themselves for the rest of the team to be effective.

Universe Elasticity

As you gain more altitude in your role, you should use the better vision that comes with it.

Bright Spots

If you're feeling like all the wind has been knocked out of you as you're approaching another challenge, consider finding the bright spots first.

Growing Up

Sometimes we've got to grow up.

Staffing Your Team

Hiring people is probably taking up a significant portion of your and your managers' time. Are you doing it correctly?

Permission to Focus

This week's episode is a quick coaching session to help you achieve more.

Immutable Organizations

Immutability is all the rage in tech, but that's where it should be left.

The Captain Planet Megazord

There are some critical aspects that make for the difference between a glorified manager and a genuine executive.

It's Never Too Early

Are you leading your people or are you more of a driving instructor?

Directionless CTOs

They say that when you don't know where you're heading, no wind is a good wind. Are you a directionless CTO?

Tech Debt as Offensive Weapon

Tech debt doesn't have to be something we're afraid of.

Making Use of Common Sense

Is your common sense filter too sensitive? Are you listening to that little nagging voice in your too often?

OKR Pitfalls

It's OKR season, but are you doing it right?

Valuing Your Time

How much is an hour of your time really worth?

Redefining Success

How your team's definition of success might be setting them up to fail.

What Are Your Intentions?

When you don't know where you're headed, no wind is a good wind.

Budgeting Tricks for Headcount Planning

Being responsible with your budget doesn't mean that you cannot use the same creativity you'd use when tackling any other problem.

Spotting Delegation Opportunities

Your leverage relies on your ability to ensure you're not getting sucked into day-to-day minutiae.

Thinking in Results

Why do you even bother with a big rewrite? Is there a customer that will pay you more for having happier engineers?

Tunnel Vision

Sometimes doubling down on the way you thought things should work is just throwing good money after bad.

Naming Things

Phil Karlton said, "There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things." In this episode, I'm not going to be talking about cache...

Do You Have to Be a Manager?

Does being an executive necessarily mean that you have to manage a sizable organization in your company?

Value Boxing

Too often, we're treating work planning the wrong way around.

The Tech-Product Continuum

Every engineer can tend this way or that.

The Vacation Test

Summer's here. Let's use it to flesh out some patches and hacks in your organization.

Impact Per Engineer

I say at the beginning of episodes that I'm helping you triple impact-per-engineer. What does it mean, actually?

Organization Homogeny

Sprucing up your innovation quotient and lubricating your serendipity by introducing some entropy.

Management Guilds

Here's an impactful tactic with an incredible ROI to make your management team better.

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